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Chymes on ‘Monster’ and ‘See You in Hell’: “Fun and Silly and a Little Bit Psycho”

Sydney electronic pop act Chymes released the single ‘Monster’ at the end of October. The brawny alt-pop production followed September’s dark and playful ‘See You in Hell’.

Both songs take a light-hearted approach to hefty subject matter, an example of Chymes’ interest in contrasting darkness and light. Here, the artist gives us the low-down on the themes and experiences that underlie ‘Monster’ and ‘See You in Hell’.


Chymes: This song is very tongue-in-cheek, crazy and fun. It plays on the idea of gaslighting, which I love writing about because it happens to everyone and I feel like I experience it a lot, especially as a woman. It’s written about a relationship where things are toxic and this person brings out the absolute worst in you and turns you into someone you’re not. It’s kind of the sister song to ‘Gasoline’.

While the lyric content can read very dark and intense, I wanted to make sure the production of the song felt a little more lighthearted and playful whilst still keeping a dark, moody overtone. I really, really enjoy contrasting dark and light. Overall, this song is fun and silly and a little psycho, which I love.

See You In Hell

Chymes: ‘See You In Hell’ was such a fun song to write. It was one of those songs that came together really quickly in the session and didn’t change much afterwards. It started with a bass line and the lyric, “I’ll see you in hell”. I wanted to explore lyrically this idea of just completely giving in to someone or something and disregarding if it’s a good idea. Sometimes it’s fun to be a little selfish and stupid and fall head first into something, knowing it’s dangerous but just enjoying the ride.

I think there’s a lot to relate to in a “I’m falling for a f*** boy” type of song, which this song definitely is. I wanted the production to feel dark but still a little playful and fun. It also has this whispery, desperate feel to it, which I feel encapsulates the vibe well. Definitely one of my favourite songs I’ve written so far.

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