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IRFXXN: How Coming From a Muslim, Fijian-Indian Household Influences My Music

For his debut single, last month’s ‘Latest Song’, Sydney artist IRFXXN worked with producer BeatswithSheph to create a dancehall-influenced R&B pop number. For IRFXXN (pronounced Irfaan), ‘Latest Song’ represents creative liberation.

“Be raw, be vocal, be honest,” he says of the motivation behind the track. “Everything from the lyrics to the drums was [about] doing as you wish and being free to express.”

IRFXXN – ‘Latest Song’

Here IRFXXN, who grew up Muslim in a Fijian-Indian household, reflects on how his upbringing has influenced his creativity and his desire to carve out a career in music.


Expectation is placed in a completely different frame. It’s about academics and certificates and less about personal growth and fulfilment through finding what you love and finding a way to do it for good.


Not everyone is supportive of you. It’s fine because they can only believe as far as they’ve seen and you learn to understand that. Now you know you have to become the first person that can show them that it really can be done and they can implement it themselves or pass it on to someone else.

Respect and honour

The upbringing I’ve been given has been a critical part in shaping me and my mindset about myself and how to treat others in any aspect of life. Consistently being brought up told that respect and honour in what you choose to do will always lead you on your best path.

Religious music

My love for music started as a child in my household due to hearing my brother recite calls for religious prayers. I’d try to mimic the tone of his voice and vocal acrobatics. So I’m super grateful about that.

Making music a career

It was quite hard to transition my music from a hobby to a career since religion and music don’t align, adding to the conflict. But social media helped me in realising that it was a good choice, lessening the fears.


Charity is massive in my household and religion, so I hope to one day use my reach and voice to actively donate.

  • IRFXXN’s debut single, ‘Latest Song’, is out now.

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