Immy Owusu
Immy Owusu

PREMIERE: Immy Owusu Contends with Darkness and Death in ‘Mantra’ Music Video

Geelong-based psychedelic funk artist Immy Owusu released the single ‘Mantra’ in the early weeks of 2022. Now, 12 months after the song’s original release, Music Feeds is premiering the official music video.

‘Mantra’ was inspired by Owusu’s time living in a caravan in the middle of the bush during the 2020/21 Covid lockdowns. He sees ‘Mantra’ as a song about “facing and becoming friends with your fears,” and this is reflected in the song’s supernatural music video.

Immy Owusu – ‘Mantra’

“Sometimes I’d have dinner at my friend’s house and I’d have to pick my way back home through the bush in the night,” Owusu said in a statement. “The dark figures, sounds and shapes I heard, saw and felt on my skin were somewhat terrifying.”

The longer Owusu spent in the bush, the better he became at allaying his fears. “My home was on the other side of this darkness, the fairy lights in my caravan twinkling through the trees in the distance.”

Reilly Archer-Whelan directed the ‘Mantra’ music video with help from production designer Garth Ernstzen and DOP Scott Pope. The clip was filmed on Spring Creek in Torquay, VIC. “The music video has a multicultural and magical aesthetic that was heavily borrowed from the set up of my caravan,” Owusu said.

Tarot cards feature prominently in the video, a nod to Owusu’s fascination with the card deck while writing the song. “The three cards – Death, The Hanged Man and The World – appear as characters throughout the video and are each symbolic of transformation in their own way,” he said.

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