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R.em.edy on the Artists That Inspired Her ‘Last Summer’ EP

r.em.edy has been through a lot in the course of making her debut EP, Last Summer. The Melbourne R&B artist endured vocal damage and tinnitus while also managing chronic fatigue and TMJ. At the end of it, r.em.edy’s Last Summer EP is a document of the artist’s emotional vulnerability and penchant for pop melody.

Across the twenty-minute release, r.em.edy interrogates ableism, heartbreak and seeks out self love. The record includes guest appearances from Miggy (on ‘Hurry Up’) and Balaram (on ‘Questions’). Here, r.em.edy gives props to the artists who inspired the songwriting on Last Summer.

r.em.edy: Last Summer


r.em.edy: Ever since I was little, JoJo was someone that inspired me greatly. I remember my dad putting the ‘Too Little Too Late’ and ‘Leave (Get Out)’ music videos on our family computer when I was a kid and I would watch them religiously before and after school.

Her album good to know really inspired me to dive deeper into my R&B influences and helped bring songs like ‘Hurry Up’ to life. JoJo is such a powerhouse and has been through so much in the fight for her voice. She’s incredible.

Donna Missal

r.em.edy: Donna Missal’s album Lighter wholeheartedly changed my life. She is such an incredible artist who is still due for her flowers. Donna inspires me to be a better artist, a stronger singer, and a greater songwriter.

‘Don’t Love You’ was originally a slow R&B track I made in 2020 that ended up being scrapped and reimagined into an alternative rock song after hearing Donna Missal’s song ‘Let You Let Me Down’.


r.em.edy: Mereba’s ‘Black Truck (extended version)’ is a really special song to me. It brings up a lot of emotions. I listened to it for months and months when my friend passed away and it was one of the only things that helped me grieve.

The song feels like slow motion; it always brings me to a memory, a moment in time. I wanted ‘613’ and ‘Last Summer’ to feel the same way and potentially be healing songs for someone else in the world too.

Lady Gaga

r.em.edy: Throughout the creation of this project, I ran into a lot of health issues. I struggled with a vocal injury in early December 2021 and my chronic health issues – CFS and TMJ – continued to worsen. Lady Gaga has always been such a force, not only as an artist, but as a person. Her battle with mental health and fibromyalgia is beyond inspiring, motivating me daily to push for my dreams and use my health issues as an advantage of inner strength.

She so eloquently speaks on the matters and I always find her words sticking with me in times of need. The industry isn’t made for people with special needs, but I’m determined to create a path for my community to chase their dreams, despite the challenges.

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