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Alex Lahey Announces New Album and Shares New Single

Nearly four years after the release of The Best Of Luck Club, Alex Lahey has announced that her new album will be arriving in May 2023.

Lahey’s third album is called The Answer Is Always Yes and it’ll officially land on Friday, 19th May through Liberation Records. Alongside the news, Lahey has dropped the latest single from the record, titled ‘Good Time’. Listen and watch the music video below.

Alex Lahey: ‘Good Time’

“This song was inspired by a night out I had at the pub with my friend soon after Melbourne came out of lengthy lockdowns,” Lahey said of ‘Good Time’. “We were watching all these strangers around us have this ‘whatever it takes’ attitude towards making the most of the night (AKA getting lit). It was a bit of a shock after being cooped up for so long, but also kind of invigorating.”

It’s not the first taste of the new album: we’ve previously heard the singles ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Shit-Talkin‘. Lahey spent the last quarter of 2022 on tour in support of ‘Congratulations’, the highlight of which was a surprise wedding that took place at her Melbourne show.

The Answer Is Always Yes is the first record that Lahey crafted with other co-writers. She worked closely with Irish producer Jacknife Lee, who’s worked with U2, The Killers, and Taylor Swift.

“I’ve made two records doing it all by myself and now I’ve proved to myself that I can do it,” Lahey said. “But it was also at a point where I was like, ‘If I do that again, I kind of know what it’s gonna sound like’ and I don’t think I’m interested in that right now.

“I feel like if you’re saying yes and you’re exploring, you’re always moving. That’s the part of life that I’m in right now. I just don’t wanna stop.”

Alex Lahey: The Answer Is Always Yes

  1. Good Time
  2. Congratulations
  3. Never Get Your Money Back
  4. Sky Is Melting
  5. Way Down
  6. Makes Me Sick
  7. Shit Talkin’
  8. Permanent
  9. They Wouldn’t Let Me In
  10. The Answers Always Yes

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