New Aus Music Playlist
Bumpy | Credit: Feign Jima

NEW AUS MUSIC PLAYLIST: Our Favourite Tunes Of The Week

Music Feeds’ New Aus Music Playlist is updated once a week with our favourite Australian releases from the preceding seven days. This week’s playlist includes the latest neo-soul gem from Naarm-based Noongar woman Bumpy, HANDSOME’s new synthpop collab with St. South and flowerkid, Afropop excellence from Jewel Owusu w/Adrian Dzvuke and CHISEKO, and newies from Touch Sensitive, CIVIC, CODY JON, Behind You and more.

The New Aus Music Playlist is an excellent way to brush up on local music, discover new artists and support the Australian music industry. So, grab your headphones or aux cable and press play on this week’s must-hear new releases. (Head here to find previous instalments of the playlist.)

Listen to this month’s playlist

New additions 09/12/2022

  1. Bumpy – Hide & Seek
  2. HANDSOME, St. South, flowerkid – Running Out of Time
  3. Behind You – Aries
  4. Bino Blip – SCRAM
  6. The Unknowns – Thinking About You
  7. Death By Denim – Draped in Vapour
  8. Touch Sensitive – Telling Myself (feat. WILLS)
  9. ShockOne – Say Woah
  10. Jewel Owusu, Adrian Dzvuke, CHISEKO – All On You
  11. CIVIC – Born in the Heat

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