Skream & Benga Get Ready to Slap You in the Face with Sub Bass

Have you ever felt bass actually reverberating in your chest cavity? Ever stood in front of a speaker and felt the hair on your head blowwn out of your face? Ever heard a sound so low you alomost shat yourself? Well if you haven’t you’ve obviously never seen Skream or Benga play live, let alone the two together.

The Godfathers of Dubstep (the widely growing and bass obsessed genre taking over dark clubs and warehouses around Sydney), these two artists represent not only Dubsteps brooding and bass heavy tradition, they are some of the first producers to pioneer the sounds which we now take for granted as part of Dubstep.

Chances are if you’ve ever been to a Dubstep party, even only once, you’ve heard these guys, with their tracks being extremely popular amongst DJs and producers alike, Skream’s even had a song appear on Skins.

This exclusive show is supported by some of Sydney’s finest acts – Hermitude, Bec Paton, Double Robin (DSS), Western Synthetics & Monkfly.

Anyway got to moshtix to get a ticket and do it now, this will make Underworld and The Presets look like a Michael Bolton, brap! vs.

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