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Elle Murphy Shares Her Top Five “Icks” in a Partner

Melbourne musician Elle Murphy released the single ‘Beautiful Sensitive Boy’ in February 2022. To supplement the song’s depiction of emotional manipulation and half-truths, Murphy provided Music Feeds with a breakdown of five relationship red flags, including lying and the owning/wearing of boat shoes.

Murphy returns this month with the single ‘Breathing Space’, another breezy pop number rooted in relationship dissatisfaction. To coincide with the song’s release, Murphy has supplied Music Feeds with her top five “icks” in a partner; the sort of things that’ll have you yearning for breathing space.

Elle Murphy – ‘Breathing Space’

Elle Murphy’s Top 5 Icks in a Partner

1. Not recognising your needs are just that, needs. 

When they treat you like you just enjoy whining and want to make things difficult for others.

2. Holding onto things instead of communicating.

They hold onto things rather than communicate, only to bring them up later to hold against you.

3. When he’s rude to people.

It’s not cute if he’s mean to others, i.e., waiter, mothers, etc. Just be nice.

4. Lack of ambition.

I can’t have the energy to motivate two people.

5. They don’t make time for you.

This just shouldn’t be a problem; they should want to spend time with you. I mean, none of these really should be problems. Get out if you resonate with any of these things. Or don’t, you do you.

‘Breathing Space’ is out now through Teamwrk Records. For more insight, follow Murphy on Instagram and TikTok.

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