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Top Five Hangover Foods According to Fly Boy Jack

Fly Boy Jack is the duo of singer, rapper and songwriter Jordan Dennis and producer JUJO (Julian Jovanovski). In addition to scoring a streaming hit with his 2018 original ‘Crumbs’, Dennis has collaborated with Opiuo, Tentendo and Billy Davis. JUJO has produced for Dennis, Blush’ko and Dallas Woods, among numerous others.

The Melbourne hip hop duo’s latest single as Fly Boy Jack is ‘W.U.L.T.M’, an acronym for “woke up late this morning.” The song was originally titled BB Deluxe, a nod to their favoured bacon deluxe burger at Hungry Jack’s. In keeping with the deep-fried, late-start theme, Fly Boy Jack have shared their top five hangover meals.

Fly Boy Jack’s Top Five Hangover Meals

1. Scrambled fried chicken skins with pork belly katsu curry on a bed of lettuce

2. Double-choc banana honeycomb ice cream thick shake, no milk, from Dairy Bell

3. BBQ bacon deluxe burger, slip some hash between those buns

4. Rotisserie pancake shish kebab slow roasted over some honey smoked coals, served with ice cream of choice

5. Mushroom soup served with bruschetta

Fly Boy Jack – ‘W.U.L.T.M’

Dennis, who wrote ‘W.U.L.T.M’, describes it as a song that “speaks about letting the hustle and problems out of my control cloud my vision to the point of being unable to see or appreciate what’s important in life.”

In the second verse, Dennis digs back into his past and remembers making music purely for the love of it, rather than in pursuit of fame or recognition. “[I’m] now realising how temporary empty success will feel without enjoying the moments with people close to you,” he says. “Everything is temporary and we’re in the process of trying to let go of everything that holds us back from living and loving life.”

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