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Mitch James: The Songs and Artists That Inspired ‘patience’

After a four-year wait, Mitch James has released his second studio album, patience. The album arrives half a decade after James’ breakout single, ‘No Fixed Address’, and is the work of an artist who’s emerged from various private and professional challenges with a greater sense of purpose.

The 27-year-old James lives in the Auckland suburb of Mission Bay, but he created much of patience in Los Angeles with producer and former Tonight Alive guitarist, Whakaio Taahi. To get us in the mood, James tells us about the artists and songs that informed his songwriting on album number two.

Mitch James: patience

Justin Bieber – ‘Loved By You’ ft. Burna Boi

Mitch James: When I was recording the album, the lyrics of this spoke to me as it was exactly how I felt about the girl in my life at the time. Justin’s new sonic avenue really inspired me.

I used to be a hater – it was easy when I was 16 – but since I got over my own insecurities about loving the Biebs, I am an outspoken belieber. What an album. What a songwriter he has become. He is one of my favourite and most respected artists now.

Thomas Oliver – ‘The Time in Tokyo’

Mitch: I haven’t seen Tommy in a couple years, but I love this dude. This song inspired me when I wrote ‘japan’. It gave me the confidence to feel that I could write something so specific to my own life and that people would make their own stories to my story. It’s a vulnerable, honest track, and I feel like ‘japan’ is too.

Clinton Kane – ‘remember the mornings (memories of her)’

Mitch: Okay, yes, I was going through a breakup during this album – is it clear? This song is beautiful and Clinton has a way of really resonating with his lyrics. His songs make me feel how I want my songs to make others feel. Honesty, vulnerability, passion, pain. Love his shit.

Justin Bieber – ‘Where Do I Fit In?’ ft. Tori Kelly, Chandler Moore, Judah Smith

Mitch: I’d never ever thought I’d dig worship music… like, ever. This song spoke to me on levels that music hadn’t spoken to me before. It found me at a time where I needed to have reassurance that I had a genuine purpose in the world, and it continued to remind me every day when I woke up that even though things were very hard for many reasons, and though I felt hopeless, there was more to uncover. A very special song to me.

James Arthur – ‘Emily’

Mitch: Just a fucking good song. Right in the “oath, this is a bit of me” pocket. James has this vulnerability and every day geezer quality that I’ve always resonated with. I really can’t wait to be a dad one day, so this song really got me.

Bruce Springsteen – ‘I’m On Fire’

Mitch: Believe it or not, this song really inspired me for ‘bulletholes’. You wouldn’t be able to draw the comparison by listening, but the Boss is the boss. I grew up on his music. My dad had great taste.

  • Mitch James’ patience is out now.

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