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Kids TV Series ‘Bluey’ Announces New Soundtrack Album ‘Dance Mode’

The people behind everyone’s favourite TV show about an animated anthropomorphic blue heeler puppy – Bluey are releasing a second album of music from the series. Bluey: Dance Mode is set to be released on Friday, 21st April, and features re-workings of 17 songs from the children’s series.

The songs were all originally written by Australian composer Joff Bush and feature contributions from Australian artists Meg Washington and Jazz D’ArcyThe announcement comes alongside the release of the EDM-inspired title track ‘Dance Mode’.

Bluey – ‘Dance Mode’

In a statement, Bush spoke of his fondness for writing music for children. “Writing for kids and families really frees you from the shackles of trying to be cool or fashionable and just make music that connects,” he said.

Bluey is an incredible world created from Joe Brumm’s stories, and to help bring the musical part of that to life has always been thrilling. Each one of these tunes was written and produced from the heart.”

Produced by ABC Kids, the TV series follows the adventures of the title character Bluey Heeler, her younger sister and red heeler Bingo, and her parents Chilli and Bandit (voiced by Custard front person David McCormack). The series has been a phenomenal success worldwide, both critically and commercially, thanks in large part to its realism and positive messaging.

In an article from 2019, one New York Times reader said, “In all honesty, the father in the program is the dad I try to be.”

Bluey: Dance Mode

  • 1. Bluey Theme Tune (Dance Remix)
  • 2. Dance Mode
  • 3. Doo-ba-Zoo
  • 4. The BeeeeeOOP Walk
  • 5. Chattermax
  • 6. Copycat
  • 7. Lollipop Yum Yum Yum
  • 8. Cat Squad!
  • 9. Omelette
  • 10. Sticky Gecko
  • 11. The Gnome Song – Feat. Meg Washington
  • 12. Army
  • 13. Grandad
  • 14. It Was Yesterday
  • 15. Rain (Instrumental)
  • 16. Rainbow
  • 17. Rain (Boldly in the Pretend) – Feat. Jazz D’Arcy

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